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Chairman Message


On various occasions my eyes become wet, having seen the thorns of reality of many Malayali friends residing in the UAE, which includes parents struggling to find money to pay fees for their children, employees wandering for a real legal help and parents and kids seeking a proper counselor for career guidance and advices on family wellbeing.
“Necessity is the mother of invention” this idiom is apt in our program designing, as we have been influenced by the realities that we have seen in our public life.
Our priority is not visual gimmicks but walking through realities with the cameras to depict  the facts.
Though it was a humble beginning and travel of bumpy ride we kept hope in the sincerity of our program content and responded in line with the joy and tears that we have seen in the eyes of our viewers. When we look back after 5 years, we must say the righteousness of our vision have been accepted by the expatriate community in the UAE by keeping the brand NTV very close to their heart, that led us to the position of the Number 1 Indian channel in the UAE
The team members of NTV have immensely contributed to support the management in achieving its vision for NTV to become the peoples channel.
“Miles to go before we sleep”- we always remember this and the NTV team is finally equipped with the joyous entertainment, updated news and of course with the meaningful messages to the public exploring the possibilities of day to day updations in technical area, visual clarity. etc.. Last but not the least, we are always thankful to the government of UAE, its most respected rulers, National media council, E-life, Etisalat and all our sponsors for their support to operate from this great country.
I wish to convey our sincere gratitude and appreciations to the respected viewers, their family and friends for making NTV an accepted media brand in the UAE.
Please be rest assured that we will be always up to your expectation in carrying and transferring the cultural values that our forefathers contributed.

About NTV – The Malayalam Channel with a difference.

NTV, was founded in the year 2009, with a mission of improving the life of people through right information, sharing experience and instilling values.

The Journey of NTV took a new direction Under the new visionary management in 2012, it has become the most popular regional channel among Malayalam expatriates with more than 2 million /collective viewership.

Channel has its presence throughout United Arab Emirates and in select areas in Saudi Arabia. In UAE we are available in Elife – Channel No. 804.  Globally, we are available LIVE on and Mobile application on play store on Android and Apple and 26 Social media platform including YouTube NTVHD UAE  , The Facebook @myntv

NTV was the only channel authorized to cover the programs in relation with the visit of Indian Prime Minister to Dubai.

NTV is proud to be the authorized channel for Indian Workers Resource center (IWRC) an extended arm of Indian Embassy.

NTV offers a colorful bouquet of information, entertainment and interaction which no other Malayalam TV can match. We cater our viewers with a wide range of elements of entertainment focusing on viewers across all domains in terms of age & varied interests

Our programs are designed to cater with the infotainment aspiration of the expatriate Indians in general and the expatriate Malayali community residing in the UAE.